edmonton art galleries

The city of Edmonton was named the cultural capital of Canada in 2007 and some would argue that the city deserves that title every year due to the strong arts community and sheer number of cultural venues and festivals to be found in Edmonton.
It is not surprising therefore that Edmonton is home to a large number of art galleries, featuring artwork from across Alberta and the rest of Canada.

Many Edmonton galleries are located in the High St (124 St) area, close to downtown, so this is a good place to start browsing. The list below features some exquisite Edmonton galleries, each specializing in a different aspect of Canadian art.

Edmonton Art Galleries

Art Gallery of Alberta

Founded in 1924, the Art Gallery of Alberta is Edmonton’s main public art gallery and home to over 5000 works including a strong Canadian presence.
For more information visit
100 - 10230 Jasper Ave, Edmonton Alberta
Tel: 780 422 6223

Scott Gallery

Specializing in fine Canadian artwork from over 30 Canadian artists including Sean Caulfield and Gerald Faulder.
For more information visit
10411 - 124 St, Edmonton Alberta
Tel: 780 488 3619

TU Gallery

Specializing in unique sculptures and wood carved art and furniture.
For more information visit
10718 - 124 St, Edmonton Alberta
Tel: 780 452 9664

Bear Claw Gallery

A wonderful collection of Canadian First Nations artwork, including west coast masks and carvings and Inuit soapstone sculptures.
For more information visit
10403 -124 St, Edmonton Alberta
Tel: 780 482 1204